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Monday, September 11, 2006

Hire Me!

wah! October is fast approaching... huhuhu it's been a year since I stopped going to schol *financial reason* , but it's all right for me. I do understand our status during that time so I decided not to enter college that semester. The first few months of being a "taong-bahay" *home boy* is quite fun, you don't have any requirements to pass, you dont have to wake up early just to attend class, and this is my favorite part.... you can sleep all day or sit back and relax while watching tv or movies... harhar but it only last for a couple of months. During the sixth month I told my mom that I'm too bored staying at home and I want to enter college *weird??* but again we don't have enought money for me to go to college and since i'm at a legal age to work I decided to work to save money for my college and this -----> resume is my secret weapon... i tried applying jobs through internet but almost all of them accepts only applicant who have a bachelor degree *do you know where can i buy a bachelor degree?* too bad for me so i gave it up and tried looking for a scholarship program *too brave enough* but im not a smarty boy who spends day and night reading, analyzing, reading, analyzing, reading,.. so i dropped my out-of-this-world ambition... *yawn* but application for hiring or sponsoring me is still open, just read my resume. Oh wth *short for what the heck* messed with my resume??? ggggrrrrrrr! oh well My resume is available upon request.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Glimpse of a Kabuki

"Kabuki is a traditional Japanese form of theater with its origins in the Edo period Kabuki, in contrast to the older surviving Japanese art forms such as no, was the popular culture of the townspeople and not of the higher social classes" -The japan guide

The first time i've heard about the kabuki, i thought it's like warrior "KABUKI WARRIOR" sounds good right?*ugh* and this thought remains in me for years *dumb* heheheh it takes years before I knew whats the meaning of kabuki. Others says that kabuki are the actor and others say that it's a form of theather *i'm confused*. Did you know that 100% of the kabuki are men? yep! when the tokugawa shogunate took over they implement a law that would forbids women to act on stage. And since then this macho men took over female role in the play (what if theres a love seen? ohhh i dont want to see it *yuck) . And even the Japanese government have abolished this law decades ago... it still remains a protocol that no one can change...


Last week while doing this the first word that came to my mind to describe this piece of junk is the word "rotten". I see those pinky thing like a fungus trying to engulfed that funky building *yuck*... well dont start to panic and wearing your face mask or your gloves, that's the only thing that i think of this artwork.... Oh before I forgot since this first post let me introduce my self to you. I'm RV but way back since i'm a child they called me "amboy". Let me explain why they call me this way. Do you know the word am? probably not. Am is seen when your mom cooks rice *probably for your dinner* and she accidentally puts alot of water and that excess water is called Am *too bad I dont have a camera for those who havent seen their mom to cooking rice*. Here in the Philippines sometimes they use am as a substitute for milk and even breast milk *if the mom is too shy to expose her **** due to their financial shortage. Ohhh, too much for that. Well that's it for now...